Referrals to Pet Dermatology Clinic:

We appreciate the trust you have in us to care for your clients, and will do our best to keep that trust.  Veterinarians, please free to call us at any time to discuss a case at 763-210-1177.

If you are referring a client to the Maple Grove location, simply have the client call us at 763-210-1177, we will arrange everything else.  Information for other locations is below.

If you would like, you can fax records to 763-210-6811 or email

Other Locations:

Click the links below for dates, maps, and information for the client.  The client should contact these locations directly to make an appointment.  When an appointment is made, we will contact your clinic to send records.  If you as a referring veterinarian have questions, please call Pet Dermatology Clinic at 763-210-1177.

Drug withdrawals needed for skin testing:

If you feel a pet should have skin testing performed, there are certain drugs that interfere with the skin testing results, like steroids and antihistamines.  If a pet cannot be taken off of a medication, have the client come for an initial exam and we can discuss what to do.